Residential Treatment

We provide all our clients with a safe and peaceful environment to undergo our residential treatment program.

-For men who have the courage to tackle their addiction head-on, our 22-acre grounds on Trust SoCal provides the perfect fresh start. We offer proven therapeutic modalities in a serene atmosphere to help clients take the first step to a new life.

-Residential treatment programs involve 24/7 care and supervision. This level of care helps clients establish routine and accountability as they undergo life-changing individual and group counseling sessions.

In our residential rehab facility, you will take place in all three types of therapy: group, individual, and family. Each one of these therapies will yield great benefits, but family therapy is certainly one of the most important aspects of treatment here.

What we focus on

  • Psychotherapy: During your stay at Trust SoCal psychotherapy lays the groundwork for lasting change. Our compassionate therapists and counselors—many of whom are in active recovery—work with you or your loved one to discover the underlying causes that may have led to the development of addiction.
  • Family and group sessions: Group and Family Support are also immensely important during residential inpatient treatment. During group therapy, clients grow in recovery together as they work through common problems. Family support helps re-establish communication and trust within the family unit.
  • 12-step program: Serenity Lodge places immense value in 12-step work. Through on-site meetings and therapy grounded in 12-step principles, clients can follow the course to lasting recovery.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: Many clients who struggle with addiction also have co-occurring mental health issues. Treating one condition without addressing the other is a surefire path to relapse. Dual diagnosis treatment provides care for both issues to give individuals the best chance at sustainable sobriety.
  • Relapse prevention: At some point, clients will graduate from our residential treatment program and transition back into society. Relapse prevention education helps clients develop a game plan for coping with stressful situations and life’s various obstacles without resorting to substance abuse.

Every residential rehab plan needs to be tailored to the individual. We are one of the few rehab centers that do this at all levels of treatment. We offer the services of a therapist, specialized medicine and opportunities for individual, family, and group counseling. Give us the chance to help you find your way to better health.

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